2017 was the year the initial coin offering (ICO) went mainstream. The fundraising method, first pioneered by Ethereum in 2014, was little used up to the start of this year but it has been widely taken up in 2017, eclipsing venture capital as a means of raising money for blockchain startups. Over $3.5 billion was raised through ICOs last year.

The key problem in the crypto world is tackling the liquidity issues of converting fiat to cryptocurrencies. Not only does QASH aim to make it easier to bring money into the cryptosphere, but it also wants to automatically search global exchanges for the best prices of entry.

The Liquid Qash project - ran by Quoine Pte. Ltd. - wants to connect as many crypto exchanges as possible to create a liquidity pool. Users from one exchange will be able to trade with users from any of the other connected exchanges. For instance if gdax and bitfinex are connected to Liquid Qash, a gdax user selling 500 ETH can have its order matched with a bitfinex user buying ETH - the most amazing thing is that this match can be done even if the buyer and seller trade on different currency pairs (Liquid Qash's world book will do the currency exchange and it will be transparent to the user). Effectively, Liquid Qash's world book will unite order books from various crypto exchanges and will be "currency-agnostic".

QUOINE is a leading global fintech company that provides trading, exchange, and next generation financial services powered by blockchain technology. With offices in Japan, Singapore and Vietnam, QUOINE combines a strong network of local partners with extensive team experience in banking and financial products to deliver best in class financial services for its customers. More information is available at

The Gibraltar Blockchain Exchange (GBX) has teamed with Japanese FinTech firm Quoine to provide the cryptocurrency markets with global liquidity alliance.

The Gibraltar Blockchain Exchange (GBX) and QUOINE are pleased to announce that they are forming a strategic partnership, built on industry best practice and proven technology to provide the cryptocurrency markets with a robust global liquidity alliance.