More recently, cryptocurrency service group QUOINE, which has roots in Japan and Singapore, closed its ICO - which raised $105 million in an oversubscribed ICO- to fund the launch of QUOINE LIQUID, a plaformt for listing various digital tokens generated during ICOs, in order to provide a platform offering liquidity to token holders and investors. Asked about how Singapore had emerged as an Asian ICO center, Mike Kayamori, co-founder and CEO of QUOINE explained, "I think it is because the MAS has done a good job communicating with the crypto community They have already made several official comments, especially around ICOs, I think it will continue to be a destination for toekn issuers, especially for utitlity token issuers."

Chief Strategy Officer Ray Hennessey commented on the event: " I was very fortunate to attend the first Blockchain Hackathon which was held in a local University here in Ho Chi Minh City - just a short ride away from the QUOINE offices. Interest in cryptocurrency is rising all over the world, but especially here in Vietnam. The presentations I witnessed yesterday by amazingly energetic teams who built operational Blockchain-enabled technology in just 36 hours was nothing short of inspirational.

QUOINE's Co-founder and CEO Mike Kayamori, notes regulatory developments could foster the growth of cryptocurrencies in Malaysia. “Regulating digital currency exchanges is a move in the right direction to facilitate the inevitable mainstream adoption of digital currencies in the financial sector,” Kayamori says. “This step by the Malaysian government will open doors for licensed cryptocurrency exchanges like ourselves to enter the Malaysian crypto market. We are looking forward to more regulatory developments to foster a secure, global blockchain fintech ecosystem,” he tells StarBizWeek in an email. ...Kayamori says QUOINE fully supports a pro-regulation practice of cryptocurrencies to protect the stability of the financial system and prevent cyber hacks.

Inspired by the innovative disruption of blockchain and digital currencies, Mike co-founded QUOINE in 2014 with Mario. Mike brings over 22 years of experience in investments, business management, IT and venture capital across Japan, the United States, India and Southeast Asia. Prior to QUOINE, Mike was a Senior Vice President at SoftBank Group, managing its Asia operations and investments with SingTel and Bharti Group. He was also the Chief Investment Officer of Gungho Asia, the creator of Puzzle and Dragons. Before SoftBank, Mike was a Senior Director at Globespan Capital Partners, a Palo Alto-based venture capital fund with over USD1.2 billion under management. Mike holds a Bachelor of Law from the University of Tokyo and an MBA from Harvard Business School.

QUOINE will list QASH for trading on global exchanges QUOINEX and QRYPTOS on 21 November 2017.