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【QRYPTOS】 2017.09.24 -- New Cryptocurrencies Coming Soon!

09/24/2017 - QRYPTOS

TRONIX - NEO - FACTOM - soon to be available on crypto-only exchange QRYPTOS


We are proud to announce that a new set of exciting cryptocurrencies will be listed on QRYPTOS. Amongst these is TRONIX (, a cryptocurrency issued by TRON, a blockchain-based and open-source platform for the global digital entertainment industry. QRYPTOS will be the first exchange globally to list TRONIX.

The other two cryptocurrencies are:

- NEO: the first decentralized, open-source cryptocurrency and blockchain platform launched in China.

- Factom: a system for securing millions of real-time records using blockchain technology, allowing businesses to maintain a permanent, time-stamped record of their data.

Looking forward to seeing you on the market!